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Episode #10 Disturb the Comfort –  Kiki Bosch

Episode #10 Disturb the Comfort – Kiki Bosch

Kiki Bosch is a dutch ice-water free diver. In this episode, she shares her story. She speaks about her experience as an ice freediver, about her role as an ambassador of nature and a body awareness coach and upcoming WHM instructor. Freediving is impressive. Ice...
Episode #9 Rebirthing – Alakh Analda

Episode #9 Rebirthing – Alakh Analda

Alakh Analda is a practitioner Trainer and the founder and director of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. She was initiated as a Yoga Swami in 1976, and since 1987 she is a Breathwork Mastery practitioner. She has been facilitating Rebirthing...