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Meet your hosts and jump into the cold water! We are very excited to release our new podcast covering the science behind the Wim Hof Method.Once you are practicing the method you’re probably craving more information and might be wondering where to find a reliable source. We’re glad to help!

Joins us on this very first episode and find out more about Dina, Matthias and the mission behind this podcast.

Epiphany Corner

  1. Meet your hosts, Dina Wittfoth, Ph.D. and Matthias Wittfoth, Ph.D.
  2. Why we’re doing this podcast
  3. Translation, please! How we can contribute, plus: find out how you can help us thrive
  4. Our plans for changing the world… together!

Show notes

  • Intro Dina
  • Intro Matthias
  • Why we do the podcast 6:15
  • Why the WHM needs science 6:37
  • How you can help us thrive 7:54
  • Educate yourself 8:10
  • Before you get lost in translation – let us help 8:47
  • From neuroimaging to changing the body 9:23
  • The podcast journey 12:58
  • Wim Hof Interview on Matthias’ other podcast “Inside Brains” 13:27
  • Science with Wim @Hannover 13:45
  • Science on the Rocks: a platform for connecting scientists with “real” people – we bring their knowledge to you and your ideas to them 14:37
  • How the Wim Hof FB community has already contributed enough topics to easily fill the next 2 years 16:46
  • Join the ride: listen, rate, subscribe 17:07
  • Winter training: people are so hungry for more information 17:31
  • 1st vs 3rd person perspective 19:43
  • Stay with us, we’ve got some exciting stuff waiting for you 21:50
Dina Wittfoth

Dina Wittfoth

MSc in Psychology, Ph.D. in Neuroscience

Head of Functional Imaging Unit, Institute of Neuroradiology, Hannover Medical School

Research focus on Emotion Regulation, Posture teacher, Mother of two

Likes: Movement of body and soul, Simplifying stuff, Learning new things, Finding new uses for old things, Connecting people, Listening to interesting stories, Passing on what I learned, Questioning everything, Funny stuff

Matthias Wittfoth

Matthias Wittfoth

I am currently a full-time psychotherapist and Peak-Performance coach for athletes and musicians.

I change people with the Wim Hof Method to become happier, healthier and stronger.

Previous activities include a Psychology Master in Bremen, Heidelberg and at the Max-Planck-Institute for Cognitive Neurosciences in Leipzig, PhD at the Neuropsychological Institute in Bremen (functional MRI), Head of the “Auditory Neurophysiology” research group at Hannover Medical School’s Clinic of Neurology, Co-Applicant of the Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4All” (total funding: € 28M), and leader of the “Pedophilia” Research Network Neuroimaging Unit.