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Kiki Bosch is a dutch ice-water free diver.

In this episode, she shares her story.

She speaks about her experience as an ice freediver, about her role as an ambassador of nature and a body awareness coach and upcoming WHM instructor.

Freediving is impressive. Ice freediving is absolutely insane! Talking to ice freediver Kiki Bosch, you will realize that freediving in ice water is not just a hobby or an athletic challenge – it is a way of life.

What makes this episode unique and extraordinary is that Kiki and Dina discuss their own experiences of sexual abuse and how the cold as a force of nature can support overcoming trauma.

Epiphany Corner

  1. How Kiki became an ice freediver
  2. What things to keep in mind and prepare for
  3. Her very special experiences underwater
  4. How the cold can help overcoming trauma

Show notes

Kiki Boschs’ Website

Blog Post written by Dina

Interview with Guillaume Nery, french world-class freediver