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Adrenaline is a major player in the infamous PNAS (a very high-ranking scientific Journal) study published by Dutch researchers around Matthijs Kox and Peter Pickkers who investigated the immunological effects of the Wim Hof Method (Kox et al. 2014). But what exactly is this stuff, where does it come from and do you need plant cherry trees or drink copious amounts of whiskey to make it work for you?

Join us on this week’s full-length episode and find out more about this “Stoff” that literally kicks a*s!

Epiphany Corner

  1. Why adrenaline can actually be good for your immune system
  2. What happens when your body triggers a stress response
  3. Definitions of the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  4. What connects whiskey, cherry blossoms, and the “unknown substance”
  5. Why Sports will light your torch and practically turn you into a human firefly

That should get you excited!


Show notes

  • The Infamous PNAS Study: How to create an Adrenaline rush without doing anything crazy (1:16)
  • Adrenaline by any other name (2:50)
  • The discovery of the adrenal glands (3:45)
  • Noradrenaline and the Sympathetic Nervous System (6:02)
  • The Fight-or-Flight response (8:40)
  • Blood pressure: specific responses in different parts of your body (8:14)
  • Discovery of the adrenal glands and the “unknown substance” (11:42)
  • Hormone or Neurotransmitter? (14:33)
  • Team US vs. Team Japan (15:45)
  • Cherry blossoms and the first “Biological Entrepreneur” (18:03)
  • How Whiskey helps with synthesizing Adrenaline (18:44)
  • John Jacob Abel revisited: the discovery of Noradrenaline (20:40)
  • How catecholamines are synthesized in the body (21:27)
  • How to get wealthy as a drug dealer (22:49)
  • Medical uses for adrenaline (23:16)
  • Auto…, para…, sympathetic?! (28:25)
  • The “unknown substance”: unmasking chemical neurotransmission (31:54)
  • A vindication for the Adrenaline junkies out there (35:10)
  • “Pulp Fiction”: Nonmedical uses for adrenaline (36:08)
  • Light your torch: adrenaline, sports, and fireflies (38:23)
  • Short recap (41:35)