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The cold is an essential force in the Wim Hof Method. Hoffers know that going into the cold water has all kinds of amazing effects, yet many people shy away from the idea of cold water immersion (CWI), either because they think it’s too uncomfortable, or because they think it is actually dangerous (think: Titanic).  And let’s face facts: going into the cold water isn’t for wussies!

In this short episode, we will give you a couple of inspirations and tips for making your practice of cold exposure both beneficial and safe, backed by an excellent review paper on cold water immersion by Tipton et al. which was just published in a Journal called Experimental Physiology in August 2017.

Join us on this week’s short ‘ice bucket’ episode and immerse yourself in the deeper knowledge around cold water and how to behave in the face of this merciless, but righteous force!

Epiphany Corner

  1. Why the general public perceives cold water immersion to be hazardous
  2. At which temperature water is considered to be ‘cold’
  3. The different stages of CWI and their potential hazards
  4. How to reap the anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing effects of CWI
  5. Science backs all of Wim’s safety instructions for CWI

It’s not a competition… it’s about listening to your body


Want to take the plunge?

The CWI article

Mike J. Tipton