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Honestly, I think this whole thing saved my life because if I’d stay on like antidepressants I don’t know what would have happened…

To attend to the Poland Experience group workshop could be a decision that

can change your life.

No matter how frequently you exposed yourself to the cold or how much experience you have with breathing sessions at home, you will be surprised when you find out how a group setting is able to multiply the effects of the Wim Hof Method.

And this happens frequently when you book a Workshop that gives you a couple of days to delve deep into the hidden realms of your inner life.

Matthias has been to Poland at the end of last year to attend the winter travel. In this beautiful place with snow-capped mountains and traditional rural houses, Wim Hof himself and a team of instructors trained a group of sixty people to take ice baths and to let go of all conditionings by concentrated breathing sessions.

At the end of this training and as an almost unbelievable climax of this week, all ascended the highest mountain in this area – mount Sniezka, just in shorts and shoes.

In this episode, we will present you with a couple of interviews with some of the people Matthias met on location.

This is a true highlight of this podcast and we are 100% sure that you’ll want to listen to all of the voices who courageously share their personal views and intimate stories with you.

Why they came to this workshop, what their hopes were at the beginning, what they feared and how the Wim Hof Method changed them over the course of this week.

Some of them were already quite experienced, while some of them were new to the method. We hope you will find parts of yourself in these stories.

One of them had the courage to share her story of finding a way out of depression and what she had learned about herself doing the breathing exercises.