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Alakh Analda is a practitioner Trainer and the founder and director of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. She was initiated as a Yoga Swami in 1976, and since 1987 she is a Breathwork Mastery practitioner.

She has been facilitating Rebirthing Breathwork mostly from a Sydney base. Besides long-term private breathwork practice, she has facilitated many hundreds of Groups, Weekends and Six Day Workshops in all parts of Australia, and also overseas, in Rebirthing Breathwork with Chakras, Meditation and Yoga and Kriya Yoga training.

Many of you might have experienced profound changes due to the breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method, but in this episode, we will dive deep into a technique based on fully conscious connected breathing – Rebirthing.

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of technique which was developed as a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, where he discovered the ‘connected breathing’. Here, the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. He claimed that this is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children.

In this interview, Alakh talks about her insights and stories of the effects of rebirthing, the nine years she had lived in India, and shares her experiences and thoughts about breathing techniques and sexuality.

Epiphany Corner

  1. How Alakh became a breathworker
  2. What rebirthing is
  3. Her own rebirthing experiences
  4. How the things happening during birth are shaping us
  5. How her clients had transformed
  6. About growing up in Australia in the 1950s and 1960s
  7. Living for nine years in India and being initiated into the holy Yogic order of sannyasa, as a Swami, in the Yogashram of Swami Satyananda Paramahansa
  8. Why breathing and sexuality are connected

This is by far one of the most powerful breathing practices on the planet today.

Dan Brule