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Wim Hof was born in the Netherlands and has developed his own method which consists of breathing techniques, cold exposures, and a specific mindset.

This has brought him not only more than 20 Guinness book world records but has led to scientific research showing that this method is able to influence the human immune system.

The cold brings back the warmth in our hearts!

Wim Hof

Epiphany Corner

Wim Hof has been a guest on many podcasts before; e.g. the Tim-Ferriss-Show, Joe Rogan Experience, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, or Bulletproof Radio, just to mention a few.

But my plan was to go beyond what has been already discussed with Wim.

In this interview, Wim and I are talking about

his view on fear,

how his collaboration with science has started,

the latest news from research,

and how breathing has helped him raising four children on his own.

Want to take the plunge?

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