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Thermoregulation without top-down control


Prof. Otto Muzik and Prof. Vaibhav Diwadkar, two neuroscientists working at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine in Detroit/Michigan, are experts in investigating the correlates of thermoregulation in the human brain and body.

Then one day, their Ph.D. students told them about this crazy Dutch guy who seems to have almost superhuman capacities withstanding the cold – and it became pretty clear that they had to invite Wim to their lab to study his brain. Wim Hof underwent functional MRI and PET scans while he was exposed to mild hypothermia wearing a special cold suit.

The results of these experiments were very surprising…

Here, you will get a sneak preview of these findings that have not been published yet.

Listen to the interview, in which Dina was given the chance to ask the neuroscientists about what results were so unexpected and what exactly the set-up of this neuroimaging study was.

He does not have brown fat, so brown fat is really irrelevant in this case, …but actually what was interesting is that he had the greater uptake of FDG (Fluordesoxyglucose) in the muscles between his rips!

Otto Muzik and Vaibhav Diwadkar

Neuroscientists, Michigan State University