17 Jul, 2024

About the author

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Name: Vikram Singh

Welcome to the Author page! My name is Vikram Singh and I am the founder of Science on the Rocks. Originally from India, I have always been passionate about creating an innovative online gambling platform that will offer players not only exciting games but also a safe and fair gaming environment.

My story began a few years ago when, as an engineering student, I developed a passion for programming and website development. After realizing the potential of online gambling in India, I decided to combine my skills in technology with my interests in the field and founded Science on the Rocks.

With my passion for innovation and a strong dedication to quality, we overcame many obstacles and achieved success. Our company today is one of the leading online gambling providers in India, offering our players an exciting range of games, a robust platform and superior customer service.

We continue to evolve and grow, aiming for new heights in the online gambling industry. Thank you for making us a part of your gaming experience and I look forward to a long and successful partnership with each and every one of you.